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Post Christmas Clean Up December 27, 2011

Filed under: General — Elena @ 8:59 pm

Well – today was “clean up” day!  Time to break down boxes, sort presents and find new places for things.  Very enjoyable work and I was extremely happy I had today off from work (work at the office that is)!  I also got to go redeem my Apple Gift Card for my new iPhone 4S.  Exciting!

In addition to cleaning up the house it is time to clean up some other things.  I have tried to get back on track with fairly healthy eating the last day or two.  Additionally, I had decided that I wanted to exercise each day I was off work  for Xmas (Sat – Tues) and managed to do that – YAY!  I walked/ran Saturday and Sunday (with my daughters – one per day) and did the stationary bike for 45 minutes yesterday and 40 minutes today.  This is kind of a jump start on getting back in to shape – why wait for the New Year?!

In that spirit I also went up to Farrell’s to complete my health forms (I had already registered online).  For those not familiar with Farrell’s it is a 10 week workout/nutrition program – details Farrell’s .  I have several friends who have done this and were happy with the results.  It has been a challenge to get back on a regular regime since the ankle break so I figure this would give me some accountability and hopefully help me shed some of the weight I have put on the last few months (I think about 10 pounds).  The session ends mid March which is about the time I will resume running outside with my friends.  I will post regularly about how things are going with the program.  I am most worried about the nutrition part and this is going to have to be spot on in order to lose this extra poundage!

Well tomorrow is back to work but this week is going to be “work lite” as we will be getting off a bit early each day and dress is casual. The only bummer about this is that all my jeans, save one pair, are too tight right now:(  Let’s see if I can kick off the day with another sweat session before heading out the door!


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