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Happy Wednesday! December 28, 2011

Filed under: General — Elena @ 9:40 pm

Happy Wednesday!  Well, I did NOT get in the early morning sweat session today.  When the alarm went off I didn’t even realize what was happening and then quickly set it for 30 minutes later said to myself “oh, I’ll workout after work”.   See why I need the accountability factor to re-establish my early morning routine?  LOL!

While at work today I browsed STUFTmama’s blog and got inspired to try Chia seeds.  I decided to venture out to a health food store over lunch to find some.  My quest (since Whole Foods isn’t open yet) led me to Campbell’s Nutrition in Des Moines.  What a fun experience!  Although I was a little rushed due to time I did buy some sunflower seeds, red lentils, dried apple slices and a Raw Rev 100 mini bar – YUM!  Um, completely forgot the Chia seeds though….looks like another trip is in order!

Anyway, after a CRAZY busy day at work I did come home and do a quick 20 minutes on the bike.  It would have been longer but Hubby wanted to go out for sushi and I had to drop Daughter #1 off at a friend’s house so time was at a premium.  This is why it is SO essential for me to get my workouts done in the mornings – otherwise life gets in the way!  I must say, though, that although I wish I would have gotten up and hit it first thing, overall I am pleased to be semi back on track with 5 DAYS IN A ROW of exercise!  While I may not be losing yet I know I am making healthy steps in the right direction.

Speaking of progress – today I was pretty sensible with my food choices.  Again, although I have not started my program yet I am trying to be more conscious about food and exercise choices.  The day was pretty good with only a couple stray dips in to the cracker box!  Dinner at Aparre  was YUMMY – we got a couple rolls and wine (of course).  Hubby is off all week and so are the kiddos so we are  kind of still in “Holiday Break” mode.  This was NOT a normal Wednesday night dinner!

Tomorrow is another day at work and then maybe some grocery shopping for the weekend.  We will likely stay in for NYE so the hubby and I are trying to decide what to make.  I am thinking seafood but he seems to think if we have SURF we must also have TURF!  The deciding factor may be how hungry we are when we go shopping!


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