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I ran today! December 29, 2011

Filed under: General — Elena @ 8:38 pm

Well after a relatively quiet day at work today I went to the gym and RAN!  I have only ran once or twice since “the break”.  I don’t really have pain which is good but I can still feel something a little weird in my leg.  My doctor said there will be a “scar” thing for awhile.  Apparently if they x-ray a year later they can still see where the break was.  Good news is that I can resume my normal activities!  So today that meant 3 1/2 miles on the treadmill:)  After about 1/2 mile of warm up walking I did 5 minutes run / 1 minute walk and did that for 30 minutes.  After that I did a 5 minute cool down and some stretching.  It felt GREAT and now I have 6 days in a row of exercise.  How long is it to establish a habit?  I think it is 21 days so I am about 30% there.

After working out I felt like cooking a healthy meal!  I treated the husband to baked salmon, steamed veggies and couscous.

and we drizzled this AH-MAZING vinegar on everything

While shopping with my older daughter a couple days ago we came across All Spice in the East Village of Des Moines.  It was such a cool little place – fantastic selection of flavorful vinegars and tons of oils and spices as well.  If you are in the area definitely stop in and do some tasting.  You can also find them online (click my link).

My kiddos have been keeping VERY busy this break – I am so happy for them.  In addition, the weather has been incredible!  Today was sunny and 50+ degrees.  This is quite unusual (and appreciated)  for late December in central Iowa!

Since they are busy I am driving a lot more.  I must go pick up daughter #1 and her friends now!


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