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Weigh in and first day January 9, 2012

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Well Saturday was the orientation at Farrell’s!  We got weighed, measured and did some baseline testing.  I weighed in at 143.  Although I am smart enough to know that scale weight isn’t everything I know that I feel best around 130-132.  The baseline sit  up and push up tests were not too bad but my arms  were definitely a little lot fatigued  after a minute of pushups!  And don’t even get me started on the run……I mean I am kind of a runner and the mile was HARD (she actually said it is a little over a mile).  Not sure what the deal was but we will see at then end of 10 weeks if my time improved (hopefully).  Starting stats:

Weight – 143

Body Fat – 25.2 (EEK!!!!)

Sit ups – 17

Push ups – 27

Sit and Reach – 22 1/2

Mile(ish) run – 9:43

I think at week 5 there is a mini evaluation and the final is week 10 which will coincide EXACTLY with us leaving for Texas to see Tony’s sisters and our nieces, etc.  Good goal 🙂

Anyhow, today was the first REAL day and I LOVED it!  It was kickboxing and I’ve always enjoyed that.  The 4:45 alarm was a little bit of a rude awakening but once I was there it was fine.  I am so looking forward to the journey!

I prepped my food for today yesterday so should be spot on today.  Also picked up some groceries from Costco to help get me through the week healthfully.  Prep is at least 1/2 the battle when it comes to eating healthy I think.  I’ll post my food for the day later!

Anyhow, off to get ready for work.  Last week was relatively successful so I have two new employees starting this week and 2 more next week -just have to keep the momentum up!  Happy Monday!


The Before Picture January 5, 2012

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Well we have been having some internet problems here so no posts for the last couple of days.  I pretty much work in a fishbowl (aka cube land) so it is hard to try and do it at work – even over lunch hour.

Anyhow, the last couple of days have been busy.  We had senior management in our offices yesterday as one of my partners was celebrating 15 years with our company!  They had a nice cocktail reception for her where everyone said lots of nice stuff.  When senior managers come we wear suits – ick!

Today at work was also hectic.  As I mentioned I am a recruiter and we had a large job fair to attend.  The facility was downtown where our offices are so we walked over.  Believe it or not it was SIXTY DEGREES which is CRAZY in Iowa in January.  It was really nice to get out and meet some new candidates.  I had to wear a suit again.  I really don’t remember the last time I wore a suit twice in one week.  Good thing tomorrow is jeans day since I don’t actually own any more suits!

OK – onto the fun stuff.  As I’ve mentioned I am starting Farrell’s.  Today we had to go get our BEFORE pictures taken.  They basically had advised us to wear as little as possible as anything lose, baggy or long won’t really show what you look like – thus the BEFORE and AFTER will be harder to compare.  I wore tight yoga shorts and a sports bra.  I just couldn’t do a bikini but I figure it was pretty close!  I don’t have the picture but think I will take one myself tomorrow or Saturday (when the program officially starts) so I can post it.  Nothing like putting yourself out there, literally, for accountability!

The lady at Farrell’s said on Saturday we will run a mile, do a sit and reach, see how many sit ups and push ups we can do in a minute and get our starting weight and measurements.  I’ll post all that to make tracking easier.  I think they do a halfway check at 5 weeks (although maybe not the run) and then again at 10 weeks for the AFTER.  Should be interesting and fun.  I am actually really looking forward to getting started!

I think I posted previously that I am most worried about the nutrition piece.  I have been trying to make better choices this week to “get in the groove”.  I’ve made some overnight oats which I found I actually like.  The past two weeks I had pretty much had regular oatmeal every work morning for breakfast.  I was starting to get a little tired of it so decided to switch it up.  I had heard about overnight oats on some other blogs so decided to dig up a recipe.  There are some good ones at Kath Eats Real Food.  I have been doing variations of these and they are YUMMY!

Now to get really honest I am slightly really dreading the no alcohol thing.  I think I mentioned that I LIKE MY WINE!  It is my favorite way to relax at the end of the day – you know wind (wine?) down…… As I understand, there is one “cheat/treat” day allowed per week when a bit of indulgence is OK.  BUT  I am torn about whether or not I am going to take advantage of that.  If I was the kind of person who just wanted one glass of vino and could have it with a cracker and a carrot it would easy.  Unfortunately I am NOT that person and instead want a few glasses of wine and the cheese, crackers and dark chocolate that pair so wonderfully with it!  My guess is this could hinder progress on the diet/exercise front………At this point my plan is to get through week one and see what I think about the “treat” day.  Maybe if I really want it I will go for it – if it seems not that important I will skip it.  Saturdays will be my indulgent days so I guess I just take it one Saturday at a time!



I’m scared…… January 2, 2012

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As I have been reflecting on what I want for this year I realize I am afraid.  Nervous. Scared. Stressed out.  Why?  I am afraid of failing.  I have always been relatively high strung although I have managed to mellow out quite a bit over the past 10 years or so.  Maybe age and kids help with that!  Anyhow,  I can be a perfectionist and afraid of showing the less than stellar side of me to others.  Today I realized I am afraid of failing at Farrell’s 10 week challenge.  I know I can do the workouts but I am worried about the nutrition side of it.  What if I don’t stick to it?  I am afraid of getting on a road bike again.  Falling hurts and broken bones suck.  Does that make me a big baby? What if I don’t lose this weight I have put on?  I also am planning on doing a marathon this year – what if I can’t do it?  WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK?  Is that what worries me the most?  Or is it really having this extra 10-15 pounds on me that worries me?  Or a combination of both?

On the family front.  I have two daughters – 12 and 14 .  Am I setting a good example?  Am I teaching them the right things?  ARE THEY LISTENING????  What if they are NOT?  What if I fail at THAT?  Scary thought there……..

Career.  I work in a very competitive, high stress job.  Which is 100 % commission.  What if I fail at that?  Um – obvious answer there -no paycheck!  Another scary thought…….

Wow do I know how to find things to worry about!

Of course everyone has stresses, fears, challenges, worries, etc.  Some of us worry more than others and we all handle these feelings differently depending on our coping mechanisms and perspective.

For the last few years I’ve been managing my stress pretty well and I think know that my workouts have been a huge part of that.  Since “the break”  I’ve been more anxious and crabby.  Obviously the lack of activity made it more difficult for me to deal with the stresses of everyday life.  Logically I knew that when I could be active again I would be happier but for some reason that was not a big consolation when I was feeling so down!  Now is the time to get back at it!  Just the last two weeks of  regular activity has helped some and, when some of this weight starts to fall off, I know I will feel more positive and confident which in turn will enable me to deal with things better.

Here’s to stress relief!


First day of 2012! January 1, 2012

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Happy New Year!  I REALLY can’t believe it’s 2012.  This year will be 20 years that Tony and I have been together – wow!  That makes me feel OLD but also very HAPPY.  I am so pleased when I look around at the family we have created and the life we have built.  Many days I still don’t feel “grown up” though.  It’s weird but I have heard similar things from my friends too so I know I’m not alone!

Anyhow, we had a fantastic NYE!  Both of the daughters had plans with their friends and did sleep overs.  Tony, my BFF and I hung out at home, ate, drank and watched “Bad Teacher” then played some poker (very badly).  The meal consisted of filet mignon, crab legs, salad, potatoes and apple tartlets for dessert.  YUM!  Tony was our mixologist and poured some verrrrry yummy martinis and we finished with champagne at midnight.

I did get outside for a run yesterday morning.  This is the first outdoor run since the triathlon back in June and it felt GREAT!  I did my 3+  mile route and took two walk breaks.  Even with those I managed a 5.7 pace – nothing record breaking but not bad for just getting back in to it.  I used the GPS application on my iPhone which is amazing and comes in handy when I have not charged my Garmin.

After the run I had just enough time to shower and get ready before BFF got here.  She also brought her two dogs with her.  It was so cute to watch all 4 dogs run around chasing each other and playing!  We all went to the barn (hubby, kiddos and BFF) to show off our new horse, Trader, and then out for a light lunch as we knew we wanted to have room for our fantastic dinner!  After that we went home, got the girls all dropped off at their locations and then settled in to cook.  Also watched Bad Teacher which was so raunchy and inappropriate yet hilarious at the same time!  We know how to rock out NYE here in Iowa 🙂

Me and BFF

Me and Trader (excuse the evil camera phone horse eyes)

Once my friend left my kids and I went to the barn and took Trader some home made horse treats we had cooked up.  I think he was very appreciative!

Exercise today consisted of 40 minutes on the spin bike.  I am excited that I am establishing some consistency around activity and am so ready to get started with Farrells!  In addition, I am really working toward making better food choices.  While I know the Farrells eating plan will be pretty regimented I am trying to get on track with more whole food and portion control now, even before the program starts.  I will be posting my starting stats and pictures and at this point am guessing I’d like to lose somewhere between 10-15 pounds over the course of the 10 week program. Mostly, I have certain things that need to fit again so will use those as a measure of progress.

Dinner was homemade butternut squash soup and homemade french bread – yum!  I know the bread will have to go soon – at least during the “losing” phase but it was fantastic today – straight from the oven at dinner time!

Of course since it is New Years day I have been thinking about goals.  I will post more about this tomorrow as I am pondering other changes or desires for 2012 outside of fitness.  This blog is all about trying to balance everything and of course fitness / healthy eating is just PART of that.  I really need to nail down my goals around family time, career and faith.  Luckily I have tomorrow off work and nothing on the agenda so I should be able to devote some time and brain power to that!

How about you – what are your non-fitness goals for 2012?  How about the fitness ones?