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Weigh in and first day January 9, 2012

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Well Saturday was the orientation at Farrell’s!  We got weighed, measured and did some baseline testing.  I weighed in at 143.  Although I am smart enough to know that scale weight isn’t everything I know that I feel best around 130-132.  The baseline sit  up and push up tests were not too bad but my arms  were definitely a little lot fatigued  after a minute of pushups!  And don’t even get me started on the run……I mean I am kind of a runner and the mile was HARD (she actually said it is a little over a mile).  Not sure what the deal was but we will see at then end of 10 weeks if my time improved (hopefully).  Starting stats:

Weight – 143

Body Fat – 25.2 (EEK!!!!)

Sit ups – 17

Push ups – 27

Sit and Reach – 22 1/2

Mile(ish) run – 9:43

I think at week 5 there is a mini evaluation and the final is week 10 which will coincide EXACTLY with us leaving for Texas to see Tony’s sisters and our nieces, etc.  Good goal 🙂

Anyhow, today was the first REAL day and I LOVED it!  It was kickboxing and I’ve always enjoyed that.  The 4:45 alarm was a little bit of a rude awakening but once I was there it was fine.  I am so looking forward to the journey!

I prepped my food for today yesterday so should be spot on today.  Also picked up some groceries from Costco to help get me through the week healthfully.  Prep is at least 1/2 the battle when it comes to eating healthy I think.  I’ll post my food for the day later!

Anyhow, off to get ready for work.  Last week was relatively successful so I have two new employees starting this week and 2 more next week -just have to keep the momentum up!  Happy Monday!


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